Austin, TX, 2012



Who we are: 

We are a nimble boutique investment fund that does not use portfolio theory or other commonplace approach to generate return on investment. Simply put, we make hands-on investments with principals we respect  in the consumer space and in areas that we have domain expertise. Since we invest our own funds and are entrepreneurs ourselves the first thing you will notice is a strong deviation from the adversarial and undifferentiated approach of most investment funds. We prefer to get involved early, roll up our sleeves and carry a capital efficient business through to exit. Occasionally, for more capital intensive opportunities, we fill the seed round and position our investment for institutional partnership with a larger fund.

Our out reach:

Here at Liahona Ventures, we believe in doing well by doing good. We are dedicated to adding value to those we work with and making our community a better place. Beyond monetary contribution, we pledge time and resources to supporting youth opportunity, family advocacy, cultural arts, consumer education and debt reduction.

Areas of interest:

  • Gaming
  • Mobile & social content platforms
  • Consumer packaged goods
  • Health, sports & wellness
  • Consumer retail and online services
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